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lotusOverall Approche the person with an overview of its various aspects, physical and emotional.

The care is for anyone wanting to move to a better life everyday. They help a start toward healing and awareness of certain emotional states remained unrealized.

There is no age limit, even the child in the womb can benefit through it. Adapt care to everyone.

One can observe an improvement in chronic cases (rheumatism, fibromyalgia, headaches, digestive problems ...) difficulty in recovering after an accident in genetic disorders (myopathy, trisomy ...), various emotional difficulties (loss of a loved one , depression, stress, anxiety ...), some cancers even in palliative care.

In any case these treatments are not a substitute for medical treatment, and it is good to have a diagnosis from your doctor if you have a health problem.
What can be expected of care

One can observe changes in the body, improving pain, metabolic functions etc.. and also improved its relationship with yourself (that is to say, be more in tune with what is really is. Getting to know and dare to be themselves with ease. abandon labels that sometimes glue yourself ...)
After the first treatment

There are often aches.

As with homeopathy, or "energy" technique, there may be reactions and changes found very pleasant and others much less. These are passageways.

(eg, anger or grief that emerge; cold throughout the body, diarrhea ...).
In the long run ...

One can observe an improvement in mood and quality of life, physically and emotionally.

Some disorders may disappear completely or be greatly relieved. (Some people have pushed and surgeries, pain and discomfort is relieved enough for that).

You will always tend to decrease stress, long-lasting effect. (Or stress facilitates digestion problems, sleep, communication with other ...)

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